My skills

Here 6 skills... only 6 because it's just to make the website pretty, don't worry there are many others too !

Manage a team

I can use any software but I prefer Trello and Slack. It's better for the agile methodology ! Be scrum !

Creative Ideas

I love thinking about new stuff, i feel comfortable during brainstormings.

Awesome Support

You have no idea what I can do with Keynote ! I can surprise any clients with an original presentation.


Where can we put this button ? What is the user experience on the website ? I can anwser with wireframes.

User story

I can imagine all the features and the user needs in the website !

Digital addict

Read, read, and read again about new technologies and last trends. I'm always up to date !

About me

I'm currently a student at the Ingemedia, an Institut in Toulon specialized in information communication domain and user experience. I see myself as a multi-disciplinary project manager who love create, manage and UX design. I have succesfuly monitored differents projects as a digital project manager thanks to my team, my vision and my motivation.

From idea to digital product, passing by concept sketches, I can deliver anything the client needs thanks to the team and my determination. I'm a multimedia addict, always on the look-out for innovations and inspiration. I constantly seeking to improve my style and be up to date with the latest trends in the digital or graphic design world.

User Experience


UI Design






My Portfolio

Here is the last projects I worked on. Take a look !

Ublane, video corporate

Concept, management, video

Ublane, motion pitch

Concept, management, motion

Ublane, final presentation

Concept, management, keynote

Ublane ad

Concept, management, video

Janssen, VIH Services app

management, ux design, client contact

Shake'R app

management, ux design, digital


ux design, digital

Renault, website

ux design, digital


Ideas per minute


mails exchange per hour


assigned tasks per week


Cola-Cola Can per month

My experience

There is my last diplomas or internship !


Info Com
spé design des interactions
  • Major "PAO"
  • 3rd place of "Project"
  • 3rd place of "project management"
  • Learn scrum methodology


Project Manager
UX designer
  • Manage a team
  • UX design
  • Brainstorming
  • Planning and budget


Info Com
spé design des interactions
  • Major "project and management"
  • Major "story telling / story making"
  • Major "graphic design"
  • Major "captation image et son"

Contact me

I'm currently accepting projects. You can reach me by filling out the form below below.